Ok, so we all use PowerPoint for school, work, and literally for everything. But what we don’t know is that you can do more than creating presentations in PowerPoint. 

What if I told you that you can create rosegold lettering in PowerPoint for your graphics.

If you are curious then keep scrolling!

So to get started you’ll be needing a pretty rose gold texture and fonts. To get started you won’t be needing a pretty font just a normal font will do. 

Open a blank presentation slide. Then type in your word. For now, I used “rose gold lettering”


Select the text box you typed your text in by double-clicking on it. Then the shape format tab will appear. 


In the word styles category, you will find the text fill option. Click on it and find the picture fill option (selected in grey below)


A tab that looks like this will appear. I recommend finding a photo from the internet first, saving it to your device, and then inserting it. Because then you will be able to find a good one that you like. 

If you are using the way I said above then click on “from a file”. Remember the place where you saved your file on. 

Find your picture and click on the picture and hit insert.


Voila! Your texture is in the text.

Here’s what mine looked like after inserting the texture. 


I put in a black background and added a styled font so you can get a better and a prettier view of it.

To save it. Right-click on the text box and you’ll see an option as “Save as Picture” Click on it and save it in your desired location. It will save as a PNG by default. So you can use it anywhere and everywhere. 

Watch the clip below to see it in action. Sounds out!


So what do you think? Easy wasn’t it? If you want to watch the in-depth video or the full tutorial head over to the library!

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