Toasted Macarons is my heart and soul. I blog here as a hobby and to try out new things in Elementor. I’m a dreamer and I’m here to empower dreamers.

Starting a blog isn’t gonna be the most easiest thing but it isn’t the hardest either. I want to help you start your blog and enjoy blogging because soon enough you’ll find out that it is the best job where you can lay on your bed and work from. 

Figure out why you want to start a blog. Would you like to share your thoughts on a product or are you gonna be a hobby blogger. Whichever way you choose blogging will definitely help you fight boredom and enjoy figuring out new things.

Blogging can be a hobby, a side hustle or even a career. But you have to be patient because blogging isn’t about overnight success. It takes years to build a stable career but it can be done

Hi! I'm Arushi!

In 2020 all the schools shutdown and everyone was stuck at home trying to figure out a way to spend their time. 

I eventually stumbled upon a few blogs The Little Coffee Fox, The Stray Curls, The She Approach and The Boss Ladies Club. Believe me I didn’t even know blogging was a thing. I was interested in their email courses and I signed up to a bunch of them. I was specifically interested in their blogging courses. And that’s where it started. My love for blogging.

What will you learn?

I’m a techy person so you’ll find interesting tips and tricks related to your digital devices and I also blog about blogging. I’ll share easy WordPress and Elementor hacks too because who doesn’t love a hard job made easy.  

Some of the things I love.

Writing – Reading – Dogs – Avengers – Marvel – Stationery – Chocolates – Geometric Wallarts – Pizza – Quotes – Rosegold – Marble – Black – Zendaya – Pinks – Spiderman – Sarcasm – Smiles – Love – Cuddles

You can find some of my recent custom branding work here and stay tuned for so much more…

x Arushi