The sidebar of your blog is super important. I just realized it! Whoops!! Depending on which theme or layout you’ll most likely have a blog sidebar. This is the area that’ll run alongside your posts and pages unless of course, you disable it. You can add anything to this area but that’s the problem, we’ll always end up cramming each and everything in there. 

The sidebar is important when it comes to capturing your reader’s attention as it is the main thing that they see when they visit your blog. They’ll also be seeing it on all the posts so making this area as relevant as possible is important. 


When someone lands on your blog they are inquisitive about the writer behind the content. Include a pretty and clear picture of yourself. You know what they say ” a picture is worth a thousand words”. Make sure to have a nice picture of yourself. It doesn’t have to be a professional headshot just a bit of your personality. (If you look at mine you’ll probably see me in a messy bun)


Underneath your photo, you need to say “hi” to your readers. Explain who you are and what you are and what you like. About 1-2 lines are enough. Save the long descriptions to the about page. 


Next is a link to your contact page. You can get creative with this and add a pretty CTA. Make sure to link it to your Contact page afterward.


Utilize the next area to add pretty social media icons. This is not a must-have but still, it’s great to have these.


Ability to search your blog can be really helpful, trust me. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve left someone’s blog without actually reading the posts because I couldn’t find the search icon to find the post I was looking for. So don’t be that. We don’t want that. So be on the safe side and add a search icon. But if you already have one on the top menu this isn’t necessary. But if you still want to display one on the sidebar you can. No harm done.


This is optional. But if you want to display your feed on the sidebar you can. I don’t like displaying mine so that’s why you wouldn’t find mine. But if you don’t want to display your feed here you can display it on your footer. 


Adding a Pinterest widget to your side-bar can help you gain more followers on Pinterest. Just head over to Pinterest Widget Builder select ‘Profile’, type in your Pinterest URL, choose your widget size, and copy both codes they provide at the bottom. Paste both codes into a new HTML Gadget on your blog, save and you should see Pinterest in your sidebar.

Mailing List Sign Up

The sidebar is an awesome way! This way you won’t be screaming them in the face asking them to sign-up. Make sure to let this stand-out. 

A CTA banner

Your latest freebie or blog post or maybe even your most popular one. Display this in your sidebar as this is a great place where your readers will definitely find it. 


You can add buttons, category menus, banners, popular posts, and links to your sponsors. If you are selling a product you can introduce it to your audience here too. 

My advice is to keep it clean and simple. Make sure to keep it as short as possible. 

Before you add anything to your sidebar ask yourself  ‘is it necessary’. The less clutter the better.

What do you guys have in your sidebar? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to know. I’ll see you guys soon.!