Finding the best font combinations on Canva for your graphics or Pinterest pins can be overwhelming. Either the font is too obvious or it’s not clear. 

So I thought of helping you out.

Here’s a compilation of 15 font combinations that will look glamourous for your graphics and Pinterest pins. 

Now, isn’t that awesome! 


Will you click on a pin on Pinterest if it’s ugly? If the graphics are bad? If the font doesn’t look pretty? You won’t give it a second glance, will you? 

This is where font pairing comes in handy. Having a good font pair together means more click-throughs and more click-throughs means more traffic.  

Now you know the importance of font pairing. So let’s move on to the combinations.


So on the left is the actual fonts I’ve used in the combination and on the right is the combination in a graphic. 

The layout is the same in all the combinations so you can focus only on the font.  




These are only some examples of some font pairings. You can pair them whichever way you want to. 

I hope you enjoyed these font combinations as much as I enjoyed pairing them together. 

I’ll see you later,