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I suck at time management. There I said it. I am easily distracted and I would do anything to not study the textbook open in front of me; meaning YouTube, endless TikToks and an alarming amount of Dickinson episodes. So after 12 missing essays and 7 papers later, I was tired of not getting anything done and I had to do something about it. After a while of researching and trial and error, I came across BlockSite, a tool to block distracting websites, and hold you accountable till you finish your tasks.

I knew I had to share this with the you so here are my favourite features of the platform.

Block Sites

You can block up to 6 sites in your free plan and unlimited in a premium plan. One of my favourite features about this is you can schedule how many hours you want the sites to be blocked, you can set a specific time period you want them unblocked and excluding the days you want the setting off. Let me demonstrate.

One thing I’m not entirely happy about is that we can’t have more than one time blocking interval. Because that would’ve been super useful.

Focus Mode

Fan of the Pomodoro method, or just basically setting a time period to finish your task, well you’re in luck. BlockSite offers you a timer, with break times and cycles of your choice.

You even have the option to block distracting sites, that might interrupt you as you continue your studies.

Block Sites by Category (Free and Premium features)

I don’t make use of this option but you can block sites based off the categories they fall into so you don’t have to go in and block them one by one. 

What happens if you try to visit the blocked sites?

BlockSite offers a series of funny images and refuses to let you enter the website till the time has come for it to unblock these websites. Obviously, you can go and unblock them from the blocklist but for me, this is enough because I’m too lazy to go through the trouble while I’m working but if you feel like you will get distracted go ahead and add in a password (premium feature), (or better yet ask one of your friends or family to enter one in and not tell you) this will add in an extra step plus, you’re very unlikely to go through the trouble (unless you are quite determined to)

Other options

Block websites by words

Customise the block page with your own pictures (premium features)


Block offers a monthly, biannual and annual subscription. I found this promo code for you (rewards_70) that would give you 70% off any subscription of your choice. 

Hope this helps you stay more focused on what you are doing, good luck. 

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