Having the necessary stationery with you while blogging is a time-saver plus it will help you figure out your goals and crush them.

It will save you hours of sitting on your chair and figuring out what to write.

Doesn’t that sound awesome! A good organization definitely shortens the road to the goal. 

So I’ve put together 5 stationery supplies you’ll need to survive your everyday life. 


Planning is the key when it comes to blogging because you’ll never know what you’ll forget before pushing that publish button. What more you can plan your blog posts, social media, your affiliate programs, expenses, and obviously anything else. 

I still go to school and finding the time to blog is kind of hard. So planning my time out helps me to make time for blogging while staying on top of my school assignments.


Having a list of things that tells me what to get done and what I have already done is a great way to help me with my tasks.

Getting the specified task done for the day shortens my days with being stuck with the same post.

I like to keep my to-do lists in my notebook which always hangs out with me on my desk so I can refer back to them and see if I have got all my tasks done before hitting that publish button. 

Speaking of notebooks let’s see what you can use them for. 


A notebook is my best friend when it comes to blogging. I have my blog post ideas, my to-do lists, and ideas that randomly pop into my mind when doing something. 


My favorite and the most important on the list. A – Calendar! It’s important to plan your posts in advance. So a calendar hangs out with me on my desk too.

Try using sticky notes to plan your posts because then you can simply peel them off if you want to move the task around.

So that’s goodbye to crossing off tasks on your beautiful calendar. 

So a calendar hangs out with me on my desk too. We are the golden-trio on my desk. Notebook, calendar, and me.


I’m a stationery hoarder so I’ve always got enough and more pens and pencils lying around. 

That’s me! It doesn’t have to be you! 

Just one good pen will ink your ideas out. 

That’s the end of the list. I hope it helped you out in your blogging journey. 


Blogging is just writing — writing using a particularly efficient type of publishing technology.”

Let me know about your favourite supplies in the comments.