Ok, so I know a lot of bloggers say that you need to have a fancy, and well-organized theme to have a successful blog. Which is true in some way, but not every blogger has $100 to spend on a theme especially if you are a beginner and you are just starting out. 

So, I use the Dreamla theme for my blog (image below) and if you check it out properly my blog, doesn’t look like it at all. 

So the Dreamla theme is pretty basic and clean and super flexible. 

And for a while, I needed to give it a huge makeover. Like I came to the place where I needed to buy an expensive theme. 

But after a few weeks of convincing myself that buying an expensive theme is not the case, I decided to redo the entire theme and made it look like an a much more sophisticated theme.

Here’s the final product.


So, for inspiration, I headed over to the Hello You Designs store and looked for inspiration in their store

I used the Hello and Team for the overall design and the Hello Blush theme for footer inspo. 



To create all the pages and archives I used the Elementor Pro builder. 

Elementor Pro is very flexible and easy to use, with their Drag and Drop widgets. 

So as you can see using just a $29 theme, I have created the look of a much fancier theme. You can do the same too. You just need a little bit of creativity and a good page builder and you are good to go.