Writing a blog post is definitely not an easy task especially if you aren’t in the mood to write an informative one. Then to top that you have to create a bunch of Pinterest Pins to promote the post and not to forget to post it on other social media. It stresses me out if I forget to post something about the post on social media, because 2/3 of my traffic is from social media. 

So if you are like me and you wanna know what resources I use keep scrolling!

Ok, so this note taking app is a life saver and by far my favourite app on the entire galaxy. Because ;

You can add as many notebooks as you want. So you can have one for each and every single thing you do. 

It’s customizable. You can change the cover of the books.

It’s super handy and easy to use. 

I use this to plan out my posts in advance, track my traffic and keep track of my passwords.

Pinterest is the second thing I use. Basically for inspiration on what to blog about next and stay on top of the month’s most popular content

This used to be one of my daily struggles. How do I remove the background, for graphics in Pinterest Pins !?

I don’t use Canva Pro so that remove background option was off limits. So after about 2 hours of searching here’s what I found. 

This removes backgrounds automatically from any image without you having to drag that white dot around the picture!

This works for almost all images as long as it’s not too complex! Take a look below to see!


I use Canva to create my Pinterest Pins and all the other graphics you’ll see in the blog.

This is another one I had to spend some time trying to find. Almost all the digital mock-up generators are for paid users! Such a bummer! But this mock up generator gives you a wide range of devices to choose from and create your own digital mockups!!

My second favorite thing on  the list are some good chrome extensions! These could be some simple extensions to help you out in your everyday blogging! I’ve got an entire post filled with cool extensions.

Spelling and grammar check is an important part of your posts. Do your blog a favor and use Grammarly. 

This post might not have contained the blogging courses and e-books you’ve been looking for but I hope they helped you in some way. What are your favorite blogging tools and resources?