Happy Saturday. So, today we are going to have an awesome time creating an email signature for your emails.

First off,

What is an email signature?

An email signature is the basic contact information, your social media accounts and the URL of your website or blog. This personalizes your email and it’s almost like a business card digitized.


Uses of adding an email signature

Allows you to use a different email

So say you sent an email to a client form your personal email. But if your business email is in the signature they can easily send you an email to your business account without having to look it up.

Easy to share your contact details and your social media profiles

Easy to represent your brand 


So with that let’s create your own signature.

So I’m going to use Canva but you can use any other software to do this. 

Open up a blank document of the size 450px by 200px. Insert your logo or your profile picture to the left side of your document. 

Then to the right start with your name. Then your profession followed by your contact information and your social media username with the profiles.

I added in a texture to the profiles so that they look pretty. Also done in Canva. You can watch the video to find out how I made the social media icons.


That is how you make an awesome email signature. If you include all the information I’ve included then yes, you’ll get an amazing signature. Let me know how it turned out! Also the products featured are linked below. 


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Pre-made Branding Kits

I hope you found this post useful and you added a signature to your emails. If you did make sure to let me know in the comments. See ya later,