If you are using Instagram then you probably know that you get one option to send visitors to your site – the link in your Instagram Bio. Because you get only one option to add your link people usually tend to use Link-tree or Shorby to add multiple links to the bio. I personally don’t like to use these because, every Tom, Dick and Harry on Instagram uses it! 

C’mon guys you have to get out of the norm!

Plus, the options to customize the links is limited if you are using it for free, here’s how you can make your own link in bio landing page for your blog!

 Before we head to the task make sure you have this plugin installed. 

So now that you have the plugin installed and activated let’s get to work.

Start off by creating a new page, make sure the format is “Elementor Full Width Canvas”.

Insert an “Text Heading” element! And type in something like a welcome message. I’ve typed in “For You” But it doesn’t really matter which, just as long as you welcome your new visitors!

Customize the heading as necessary!

Next, we are getting to the most important part, so make sure you follow these instructions!

Start off by adding the “Inner Section” element. You’ll end up with two different columns. Right click on one of the columns and click ” Add new column”

So now you’ll have 3 columns.

First click on the left column. In the editor’s tab head over to the “Layout” tab! Choose the column width as 20. Do the same to the column on the right. Don’t make any changes to the one in the middle.

Now we are going to start customizing the middle column:

Add in an “Heading” element, to the middle column and follow the steps below to customize it!

Type in the button name in the first box and the link in the second box. Center align the text (if necessary, well actually it’s good to center align it)

In the style tab you can customize the text. Like the color and size. You can mess about with these until you are happy with the outcome!

In the “Advanced” section add the padding as 11px on all 4 sides. This would increase the space between and inside the buttons and make the buttons bigger!

To change the background of the buttons click the background option and change the colors. Add a hover color for extra elegance!!

This is what the button would look like. (This might change according to your colors)

You have now created your button! Just right click on it and copy+paste it to create multiple buttons. Just make sure to change the links and title of each button!

Grab your Free Elementor Template

The template is in the library!

Next we are going to add a button to your other social profile(s). I personally think you should add a link to only your highest functioning profile, the rest of the profiles would obviously be found in your homepage or footer!

You can use a “Social Icons” element but I found a better customizable one! Use the “icon” element!

It's in the basic group!

So, next you insert the icon element, right to the bottom of your section or you can open a new section if you would love a clean start! By default you’ll get a star icon! 

Just head over to the icon library and grab the social profile icon you are looking for. Choose your favourite and best functioning social profile. I’ve noticed a lot of people use Pinterest so I guess that’s the ticket if you are using Pinterest!

Once that’s uploaded, you can choose from two options on how your icon would look like;



I prefer “Stacked”. But, you can definitely use the “Framed”. Then you can link it to your social profile(s) using the box under the “View” option

Next, in the “style” tab you can customize your button with a color and hover color. And you are almost done with the landing page!



And last but not least, we are going to be linking your latest posts. Try and add you latest 3 or 4 posts and not more. You don’t want to show more than 3 or 4 posts as it will look weird and like a long grocery list. Just keep this simple!

Click on the plus icon and choose the three columns or four columns option. You’ll end up with something that will look like this ;

Insert “image” and “heading” elements into each of them. Like this;

Add Your Heading Text Here

Add Your Heading Text Here

Add Your Heading Text Here

Add Your Heading Text Here

You can add in you Pinterest pin that you designed for each post in the image section. And for the heading area add in the post name! Make sure you link the pictures or the post name to the respective posts! Once you are done you should end up with a section like this!





And you are done! Congratulations………

But, if you don’t wanna go through all the trouble yourself I’ll lend you the landing page template so that you can just customize it and use it. Easy peasy! Sign up below to grab it!

Grab your Free Elementor Template

The template is in the library!


I really hope you found this helpful if you did make sure to tell me how it turned out and how you customized yours! I’d love to hear all about it. I’ll see you later.