How do you change the font of your Instagram bio? I’ve been wondering how to do this ever since I started on Instagram about a month ago! People would have a unique font in their bio and I always end up with the usual, not so pretty font. But today this lucky day I found out how to do it, I thought I’d share with you how to do it. It’s super simple and free! Plus you don’t even need an app! Read on how to change the font!

How to change the font in your Instagram Bio

So I’m going to start off with some sites you can find the fonts to generate your fancy lettering:

Now that that’s settled let’s find out how to do it. If you are a video type person like me skip to the bottom. 

So for this I’m going to be using lingojam.

Headover to lingojam and type in your desired word or name in the box provided. 
Then you will get the options for you to copy paste. Try choosing something that is not too complicating to read. Otherwise what’s the point! It might be eye-catching but then again it might not be enough. 
Choose your favourite. I chose to go for the 6th or 7th option as that’s the one I like. Just copy it and paste it in your instagram profile. It’s that simple.

Here are some options I got.

Take a look at how the font looks on my Instagram!

Also, don’t use the font on your entire bio as it may be hard to read! Choose the word(s) you want to highlight and then use it!

Here’s what mine looks like!