When it comes to traffic Pinterest plays a major role here. When you are browsing in your favorite blog and when you hover over an image the “Pin it” button appears encouraging you to pin on the spot. Ever wondered how you do this?

YES? Well then you’re in luck cause today not only am I going to teach you how to add the button but also to create it.

So first let’s learn to create your own button.


So I used Canva and PowerPoint for this. It’s easy to use getting something done using these is a real timesaver. Ok so let’s get to the fun part.

First things first. Look for inspiration. Just look at the buttons your favorite bloggers use. Sometimes they might be using the custom “Pin-it” button but that doesn’t mean you have to. You can get really creative with it. If you look to your right you’ll find that my button is a circle with a marble circle behind it. It can be anything. Scroll down for more ideas on how to customize your own button.

(My button is subjected to constant change. Hover over this image to find out my latest button)

Now install a plugin. It’s called jQuery Pin It Button for Images. Once it’s installed and activated follow the steps below to add your button. 

Before we change anything make sure you don’t change any of the settings unless you know what you are doing. 

So with that in mind let’s add your Pinterest icon.

First, we need to change the minimum image resolution that will trigger the pin it button to show when you hover over an image. You don’t want the button to show on every image. Just the ones that you intend to pin right? 

So with that in mind let’s add your Pinterest icon.

I changed mine to 900 x 700 px but yours may vary. Sometimes 600 x 600 px will be your lucky number. Insert your desired height and width. Just poke around to see if the button is appearing anywhere you don’t want it. Change the image resolution size later and you are good to go.

This setting determines on which page and posts you want your button to appear. I have added the buttons to appear on posts and pages. You can then choose which places you want to disable it on. 

Next head over to the “visual” tab. 

You can change when to show the button and where the image description should appear and the transparency of your button. Next up we have to upload your favourite button.

By default, your button would look like the official Pinterest icon or a similar one.

Select the option “custom” then click on “upload an image using media library” If you haven’t already uploaded it to your media library don’t worry you can upload it from the same option.

Once your button is uploaded it will look like the image above. Change the height and width if desired.

You can mess about with these settings as you want to.

You are done. Make sure to save your changes.

Now go and see if your button works and if it’s in the place you want it to. If you do Congratulations! If you don’t, check your image resolution settings. It took me a while to find my correct size.

I hope you found your favourite button and got those awesome templates for making pretty great pins. Let me know in the comments.