Wondering how to share your Pinterest Pins with your reader without actually displaying them on your posts? Is that even possible?

Yes! I recently discovered this and it’s been helping me ever since. 

I use landscape images as much as possible on my blog because vertical ones just take the excitement out of it. So the main reason why I include a Pinterest pin right at the bottom of my post. Plus Pinterest pins are super long.

So to help you out with hiding the pins and sneaking more into your posts I’m gonna share with you the one and only code you’ll need. Easy Peasy.


You need to have a Pin it button on your blog. The Sassy Social Share plugin is amazing for this project. Just install it and you are good to go.

Now for sneaking your pin in:

Upload your pin or picture to your Media Library. Then insert it into your post. Click Preview Changes to see if it was inserted properly. Now go back to your dashboard and into the post you are editing.

On the top right in the editing area, you find two options as Visual and Text

The visual tab is the default tab while the text tab is where it is all coded. So the Text tab is where we are going to insert the code to hide your pins! For quick reference, while you are in the text tab remember what you typed in before the image or better yet highlight the image itself. The image below is what I’ve done so far. The highlighted section in the image is the pin I’m gonna hide.  

Add the following code to the beginning of your image code (no blank):

<div style=”display: none;”>

Add the following code at the end of your image code (no blank):


Here's what it should look like

<div style=”display: none;”><img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-3623″ src=”https://toastedmacarons.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Copy-of-Pinterest-Graphics-Lady-Boss-1.png” alt=”” width=”735″ height=”1400″ /></div>

Don’t copy and paste it. It won’t work!

To make sure you entered the code properly switch back to the visual tab and you’ll see that your image is gone. It’s literally vanished. If the image isn’t available then you did it right! Well done! 

If the image is still visible make sure you have entered the code properly and it is not copy-pasted.

Yay! You did it. Let me know in the comments how sneaking images into posts feel like. See you next time.