Here’s why you should ditch the free WordPress themes!

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So you started a blog, installed WordPress, and now you are hesitating in between free WordPress themes and premium ones.  Well then let me tell you why you should get a premium theme and ditch the free ones even if they are appealing!

Let’s start off with the obvious question,

What are themes?

A blog theme is the overall appearance of a blog – where your posts show up, how your sidebar looks, where your logo sits, the fonts, the way your page menu works, and all the finer little details. Also called a ‘template’ or ‘design’, a theme is what enables you to have a drop-down menu, an image slideshow, and an interesting footer. It’s a whole lot of blog coding, already done for you. You are currently reading a blog that also used a theme *wink wink*

Sounds good, but why can’t I use a free theme, Arushi. Well, I’m glad you asked my friend. Take a stroll below and you’ll see exactly what mess you’ll get into if you install a free theme…

Lack of support

Free means it’s there for a reason right. So imagine that you install a free theme and are having trouble with something. Maybe a coding, Who’s there to help you? No-one. You are all alone in the dark with no-one to help you.

But with a Premium theme Professional theme developers offer you support whenever you need it. If you are using a Premium theme then support is at your doorstep.

Less customizability

Using a theme you’ll definitely wanna customize it right? But, free themes lack customizing options. So if you are using a premium theme the customizability is endless. Whether you wanna change the footer or add a sidebar you are just a click away from doing it. 

No regular updates

Duh. Free themes are usually ditched after development, meaning there will be no regular updates whatsoever. So it’s no brainer that your theme can get outdated real fast. (maybe it is already outdated *shudders*)

It's probably over-used

Even if you use an elegant theme there’s a chance it might be used by every single person and their dog. So even if it looks unique to you at the beginning chances are you might start hating it once you realize every single person is using the same theme. 

Link back to the developer

All the free themes (some premium ones too, so make sure to check that out before purchasing, just to be sure) have a link back to the theme developer’s site.  Which is a bummer as it is smack dab in the middle of the footer which isn’t customizable so it’s a no-go. I mean I wouldn’t mind giving credit but…not if I’m not satisfied with the product.

So with that advice, I’m gonna leave you to decide. Will you be choosing a free theme and watch your blog sink or are you going to purchase a lovely theme and watch it move mountains! 

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