Essential Plugins to Setup your WooCommerce Store.

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When I was setting up my online store there was alot of research, I had to do before finishing it all off. One of the main things that I wish I had help was what plugins to use. I search the entire internet only to find plugins that didn’t match my theme or that would be a lot less customizable. 

So, after a lot of researching and testing them out I’ve come to the conclusion that these plugins work the best. So, keep scrolling to find out what plugins I use myself!


Your customers definitely need to zoom in on the products to check , the product details and the product quality. This plugin will let your customers to zoom in on a product and check if they wanna buy it or not. I just love how pretty and effective this looks and it works so well!

Woocommerce Product SKU Generator

This plugin is not quite necessary if you want to add the SKUs yourself. And SKYs aren’t always necessary unless you offer product options like colour and sizes. But I just enjoy having this whole process automated for me.

Woo Discount Rules

If you are having a sale and you want to give a discount percentage on all the items in the shop, then try this plugin out! It works really well. You can basically set discount s to the entire cart at once too, which is really nice for all those upcoming sales you are planning to have!

Variation Swatches for Woocommerce

This works really well if you sell products which offer colour or size customization options, like where your customer can pick out which colour they want to buy. So if you want to add swatches like this next to your products use this plugin! 

Note : You need to update to the pro version to have dual colour swatches.

These are the plugins that I use for my store. Make sure to download only the necessary ones and I wouldn’t go crazy on these plugins either. What plugins do you use for your WooCommerce store? Let me know in the comments!!!

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