Claim your website on Pinterest with Yoast SEO

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Claiming your website on Pinterest is a super quick 5-minute job if done right. (with the Yoast SEO, it’s the quickest and easiest, i swear) Claiming your website on Pinterest will ease access to the pin analytics for the pins published from your website, and help people find more from you. 

Furthermore, it will also add your profile icon next to your pins (yes, even when they are published by others).

Super, isn’t it?

Cool, now let me show you how it’s done. 

Here's a few things to check before you begin...

• Make sure you have a Business account on Pinterest (very, very important)

• Make sure you have installed the Yoast Seo Plugin into your dashboard. 

Now that’s out of the way, here is how you claim your website. 


Log in to your Pinterest Business account. 

Head down to settings and in the public profile section scroll down till you find the website section. Fill it out with your URL, or you can skip this step if it’s already done.

Make sure you check if the link has appeared. 

Next, you have to go to the ‘Claim’ section on the left-hand side, on the settings page.

Select the ‘Claim Website’ option.

A pop up will appear on your screen inquiring which method you want to claim your website. 

Select the first option (or the ‘Add HTML tag’ option.) Hover over the HTML section and copy it.

Next head over to your WordPress Dashboard. (You should have the Yoast Seo plugin installed at this point) 

From the sidebar, you will see the SEO menu. Hover there and choose Social, then click the Pinterest tab at the top. Paste the meta tag into this box and then click the blue button to save.

Almost done…

Head back over to the Pinterest Dashboard and then click Continue. (the little red button)

You will be asked to re-enter the domain of the website you are trying to verify (make sure you have it copied and it’s correct).

Hit verify. 

Then you will have to remain on the screen for a few seconds till Pinterest makes sure everything is perfect, and you’ll be prompted with a success message ‘Connected you’re all set’. 

And you’re done…

If it doesn’t work the first time please make sure you did it right, repeat the steps if necessary. 

Let me know if this worked for you and share it around if it helped you. Follow me on Pinterest while you’re at it. 

This method is tested as of 30th December 2021.


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