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Long time no talk! Yikes, no wonder my Pinterest monthly viewers have been going down in the speed of lightning! I haven’t been active on social media or written any post in like a week or maybe two. Sorry!!!!! But I decided to come up with this awesome post. And you are reading it right now! It’s about Chrome Extensions that are super useful and amazing.

So I hope you are excited to find out about these extensions: First off let me start with the most random and important question. 

What are chrome extensions?

Extensions are small software programs that customize the browsing experience. They enable users to tailor Chrome functionality and behaviour to individual needs or preferences. … Extensions are distributed through the Chrome Developer Dashboard and published to the Chrome Web Store.

Via Google.

But in short, they are just like apps on your phone that you use to do various things!

Now that you know what extensions are let’s find some that suit you the best!

Full plage screen capture

This extension is my number one favourite. I’ve been searching for some tool to capture an entire web page. I’ve tried different websites that say that you could capture an entire page, but I ended in disappointment. So, if you are like me, try this extension. It’s cool and functional to use. 


Noisli is an extension that lets you listen to personalized sounds Like rain and thunder and all other natural sounds. You can customize it according to your preference as music for Productivity, Relax, Random, Noise Blocker, Motivation, and so on. My favourite sounds are rain and thunder. Plus, the wind in trees sound which makes you feel like you are in the forest!

Coffee Feelings

This is a journal and a mood tracker put together. Find your coffee roast to match your mood. Write in your everyday feelings. Perfect to keep track of your moods and see it grow.


Mail Tag will let you know when someone actually opens your email so that you don’t have to wait to wonder if they got it or not and if you include a link in the email, Mail Tag will let you know if they clicked on it too. Perfect for all the bloggers out there.


Please, please use this extension as it is by far the best and most important thing when it comes to blogging and writing. Grammarly helps checks your spelling and grammar. It also sends you quick messages about what your text sounds like and if you haven’t installed Grammarly then trust me you are missing out!

Google Docs Offline

If you need to get some work done but don’t have any wifi access, you can still get things done by using the Google Docs Offline extension. It makes it possible to edit documents and spreadsheets when you’re offline. It is my go-to extension when I’m travelling.


As the name says hunter hunts down any email addresses from a website. Say you can’t find the contact info, so you just click this extension and it will provide you with a list of contact info. Easy Peasy lemon squeezy!!


This extension lets you find out what colours are on any website page. Love another blog’s branding? Use it to find the colours. Want to match your font to the same colour in a photo on Canva? Get your HEX code instantly. In just one click, you can copy colour and paste it into another program.

Emoji Keyboards

As a blogger and a social media person, I like to use emojis to comment and to write my posts. So having this keyboard helps you type out the emoji straight off. 

Keywords Everywhere

This is an amazing extension. I love this! This basically gives you a good overview of keywords so that you can help yourself to some great keywords for your own search!

Free users: Keywords Everywhere shows you the Trend chart, Related keywords and “people also search for” keywords in widgets on the right-hand side of Google. They can also see the estimated organic traffic and the top 5000 keywords for all pages on Google. On YouTube, they can also see the Search Insights widget, as well as the Tags widget.

And that’s what I’m leaving you with today! 10 chrome extensions for you to try and check for yourself. Also one last thing; try not to add a lot of extensions to your browser as it will only slow it down. Try to keep a minimum of 5 extensions. Let me know in the comments if you’ve got more extensions that you think are awe-some!


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