Brand Board Essentials & Free Template

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced designer you’ve probably come across brand boards o style guides as I like to call it. This is basically a full page containing all those tiny styling details of your (or your client’s) design. The color palettes, the fonts used, the logo and the secondary sub marks, the unifying mood and all those tiny important details that you don’t want to miss out on while designing. 

These are a good way to help you have a consistent and evergreen platform across all your socials with a consistent branding and style. 

Must include in a brand board?

This is a place where you might struggle on, especially if you are a beginner. There are lots of details you can add into your brand board but the goal is to keep it as simple and organized as possible. So, here is what I think (and know) you should include in yours. 

  • Main Logo
  • Submarks
  • Favicon
  • Color Palette (have at least six colors including at least one neutral)
  • Fonts (include their names)
  • Moodboard (for the overall feel of your brand)

If you’ve included all those points, congrats pal you’ve just aced your brand board and is on the right track. But if you have missed out on at least one of the points listed, now is the time to fix it up. 

Free Brand Board Template

I’ve been using and playing around with brand boards for almost a year now when work with my clients or I’m just giving my own blog a redesign (which had happen at least three times now) so I thought why not share my template with you. 

Please note that you will need a free account in Canva in order to use this template, so make sure you sign up for an account before accessing the template. 

Are you ready?

You can sign up for the template from above. Have fun designing. Cheers!