So you started a blog and are you wondering which plugins to install or are you thinking if you should install that plugin or use another. Having too many plugins will only slow down your site so choosing the best plugins are a great treat. It’s even better when it’s free. 

In this post, I’ll be sharing 5 best free WordPress plugins that are free and are awesome. One thing I looked for when searching for plugins was to see if they were completely customizable. I am a lover for pretty colors and stuff so having everything to be customizable according to my likings is a treat. So what are you waiting for take a paper and make sure to jot these down because trust me you’ll love these. 


This is the number 1 plugin you must have if you want to take blogging seriously.

This plugin optimizes your searches for search engines. Yoast makes you reach the highest SEO technical standards.  It also gives you the overall readability and brings your content to the highest SEO standards.

jQuery Pin It Button for Images

This plugin is god-send for the creatives out there who like to customize things their way and who want to stand out from the crowd. You can add your own Pin-it button to your images with this. You can create your own button. That’s epic! If you take a look at my buttons you’ll see. Mine is a coffee cup. Look down and you’ll see what I mean. You can add your own images for your button which will make the image pinnable right from your blog and it’s pretty encouraging to pin something using a unique button. 


Another one. Now you can add social media share buttons right into your posts. What’s more, they are totally customizable. From the color of the button to an encouraging caption to share it it’s all customizable. That’s incredibly useful. Because some of us don’t like those bold colors to ruin the look of our pleasantly colored blog. Your blog theme will look professional this way and what’s more, it’s FREE.  


Smush is a plugin that will make your image sizes smaller and help your page to load faster. High-resolution images usually take a while to load. This will affect your Google ranking and will also make it less enjoyable for your readers. This plugin will resize and compress the images for you. 


Anti-Spam Bee plugin will make sure your comments are spam-free. It will automatically identify spam comments so you won’t have to deal with it. Spam comments also affect your google rankings so this plugin is a must to install. 

That’s the plugins you should have for your blog ASAP. Not only have I tried these I also love them. So if you like the sound of these I definitely recommend you install them too after all they are free. 

Any plugins that you love using that I haven’t mentioned here? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to find out.