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Hands Up ✋ if you’ve got a pretty notebook lying about that you’ve got no idea what to do with it. Both hands up 🙌 if you’ve got about five of em. Both hands and a leg up if you’ve got hundreds of them. Just Kidding!


We all have at least one empty notebook lying around.

There are tons of different ways to use a blank notebook or a half-used one. Below are some fun ways to use them and have fun with them.

For me, there is no greater feeling than getting a brand-new notebook. It is a great sensation. Cracking open the cover is greater. You open the first page and feel the smooth, silky texture of the paper. Then you grab the best pen you have, and you hesitate. Intimidated by the thought of ruining your brand-new notebook that you simply close it and deposit it into your shelf. There it stays for weeks, months, and maybe years. Then every time you pass that shelf you feel guilty…

Well not anymore! Cause I’ve put together some super-duper interesting and fun ways to use your blank notebook more effectively.

So, grab your treasured notebook and jump right in…


Yup! This is the most popular and the best thing to do with an empty notebook that is lying around.

Life is stressful enough. But do you want to get miss those little things that matter the most? Nope, right. That’s exactly why you have to have a planner.

This will help you remember those little things that slip right through your fingertips and help you finish your daily tasks without forgetting them.

You can record pretty much everything in this. Who you met, what you did, you name it.

I usually record my daily to-dos, who I met, what I did, and what must be done. This helps me to remember my day more clearly.

Dream Journal

If you love keeping track of your dreams, then this one’s for you. Keep track of your interesting, weird dreams. See how interesting they get.

Just keep a pen and a notebook next to you while you sleep, and you are all set. Just keep in mind to jot it down as soon as you wake up or you’ll forget it altogether.

Quotes journal

I love to write down those amazingly, inspiring quotes down everywhere. This motivates me when I’m on low energy. So, if you love quotes as much as I do why not devote one of your beloved notebooks for a quote journal. 


Arranging pieces of text, images, materials is a great way to get inspiration. So why not make one. inspire yourself with the things you love.

This will help you if you have a project deadline & you have no clue what to do.

Just grab a notebook and stick in your favorite materials and let the images do the rest.


Into photography? Well, why not stick in your snaps in a notebook. So, then you’ll have something to look back and create memories with.


Can’t remember the tons of different passwords you use to login to different sites. Use a notebook to keep track of them.

Things to look up

Want to look something up in a dictionary but keep forgetting it. Jot it down on a notebook and you’ll have it in place ready for you to lookup.


Make a scrapbook. Add in your memories. Select your snaps and unleash the creativity within you.

Great way to have fun while exercising your creative juices.

Travel Journal

This is a great place to store your travel memories. Fill the pages with photos, ticket stubs, and stories. Write about the new things you have learned. The encounters you had and the experiences you gained. It’s a collection of adventures, memories, encounters you had.

To-do lists

Write down the things you must get done within the day and crush them. A perfect way to use a notebook while getting your tasks done. Check my Resource Library for To-do lists!

Gratitude Log

A gratitude log is a diary of things you really love. This is basically used for focusing on the positive things in life.

This is very easy to start. Think of three to be grateful for every day. Keep this log updated every day. There are countless things to be grateful for.

Just try it for a week and trust me you’ll find that there are more things to be grateful about every day.

“You can find a silver lining on anything if you just look.”

Bucket List

Great opportunity to think up all the great things you want to do in your life. Jot it all down. The things you want to do with friends and family or all those once in a lifetime thing you want to do. Just write it all down so you can enjoy your life and live it to the maximum.

Sticker Collections

Seen those cute stickers on Amazon and couldn’t resist them that you simply bought tons of the and now you are facing a problem. Where should I paste these?

That’s where this baby comes in. Just stick in your favourite stickers and make your own sticker collection.


A great way to have fun when you are bored!

Make lists like;

Things to do when you are bored
Things that make you happy
Books you want to read
Ten Places to visit in your lifetime

These are only some examples. Make your own. A great way to get those creative juices flowing while you are bored.

New words

Interested in building your vocabulary. Either you can look up a word or use Merriam Webster.

Which-ever keep a notebook to write down your Word of the Day.

I basically write down;

The word with it’s meaning
An example

What is Merriam Webster?

Merriam Webster is a website that sends you a new word every day with its meaning straight to your inbox. And trust me it has been a life-changer. You get a new word in your inbox daily and it’s worth it. Learning a new word daily is fun.

Books to Read

There is no other joy than opening a storybook. The thing I love about reading is it is a great way to escape into another world. I love it!

So, you love books too?

Then keep track of the books you have already read and don’t forget to jot down the name of an interesting book when you come upon one. 📖

You can also use this notebook;

To jot down the new words, you come upon while reading
Rate the book

Six word story

A six-word story is an entire story written in just six words.

It could be funny, narrative and these serve as great themes for bigger stories.

Here I’ve included some interesting six-word stories to give you guys an example :

Never let NO-ONE steal your joy! Stormyweather Banks.
Expect and accept unexpected and unacceptable. Judi Gedcke.
Anticipation is not just about ketchup. Amy Hostetter.
Out of everyone, I chose you. Samantha Yanez-Chavez.
So now grab your notebook and invent your own story.


Doodle your emotions and day away. This is like the best way to express yourself.

This is also a great way to spend your time with your quirky imagination.

Blog Planner

Have a blog? Well, this is a great way to keep it organized.  Plan your posts, your social media, and almost everything.


Artsy? Use a blank notebook without any grids or lines to sketch your heart out.

Movie reviews

A great way to keep track of the amazing movies you watched and want to watch.

Write down the actors, give it a star rating, and write down your review.

Hobby journal

Passionate hobbyist? Keep a notebook to jot down your plans, purchases, and things you will need for the future. A great way to keep track of what you have done and what you want to do.


Write down the lyrics to songs that you love and can’t be without. A great spot to have your treasured songs and lyrics.


Keep a log of all the recipes you love.

Jot down;

The recipes you try
How the taste was
Whether you enjoyed it
How the taste was
Points for improvement

Nature Journal

If you enjoy nature walks, then this is for you. Scrapbook all your findings in this. Whether it’s a pretty bird you saw or a unique looking leaf, jotting all of this down will help you gain a better understanding and enjoy your surroundings even more.


Keep a log of assignments with the deadlines so then you can be up to date with your assignments and never forget to hand them over on time. Check my Resource Library for Homework trackers!


If you want to buy something you saw on Amazon or on a store in a few months from now, jot it down on a notebook so that you won’t forget it.

This will also help you when picking out gifts for your friends and family.


If you enjoy putting words together and forming a fun, quirky, interesting, beautiful lyric why not keep a notebook to record all your poems.

Make sure to have a thesaurus with you! and you are good to go.


If you want to disclose your deepest, darkest secrets-write it down.

Make sure you keep it in a safe place away from prying eyes and you are good to go.

A book with a password or a lock will keep your secrets safe.


Write down your affirmations whether it’s to change your thoughts or develop a positive habit or change your attitude an affirmation journal is a great way to help you get there.

Whew! That’s a pretty long list! It took me a while to put together but it was totally worth it.

Let me know in the comments which one you’ll use and I’ll see you next time.


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